Abrameq, Bks, Master, Nbn and Michelon at the CICB Sustainability Forum

Highlights of the participation of Abrameq and its members BKS, Master, NBN, and Michelon at the CICB Sustainability Forum

The CICB Sustainability Forum will take place on March 13th, with the central theme Links to Traceability. It will be during the Fimec fair, in Novo Hamburgo (RS, Brazil) and registrations will be open soon.

The Brazilian Association of Machinery and Equipment Industries for the Leather, Footwear and Related Sectors (Abrameq), with its members BKS, Master, NBN and Michelon, is a Gold sponsor of the event, and shares its vision on sustainability and the afternoon of debates that we will have soon on the forum. See the interview with André da Rocha, president of Abrameq.

At Fimec, you will find BKS, Michelon and NBN in spaces 1024 and 1026, pavilion 1, streets A/B/C. Master in spaces 6077/6078, pavilion 6.


What motivated your organization to be one of the sponsors of the CICB Sustainability Forum?

The Forum's focus on Sustainability is the great motivator for our support and participation. Technology suppliers for the leather sector know the relevance of the event, because it brings rich and updated information on challenges, solutions and technologies for the leather industry. We believe that partnerships between companies and entities in the leather sector are important for developing solutions that meet market needs. The topic of sustainability is relevant to the leather sector, industry and society. Leather, a natural material of high quality and durability, is a fashionable, elegant and above all sustainable item when compared to its alternatives.


What are the expectations regarding the forum’s programming and its holding during Fimec?

The expectation is for a high quality event with great participation. As a major exporter, one of the world's largest leather producers, Brazil has the vocation and responsibility to lead sustainability initiatives in this chain. The Forum is an important tool in qualification and leadership, with the subject “Leather Traceability” being an issue of great interest and determining the future of this industry.


How does your organization address the challenges of sustainability and traceability?

The equipment and machines we develop focus on improving processes, using less energy and fewer inputs. We implement technologies that increase the quality of the leather produced with greater productivity in each of the production stages. We have the challenge of traceability, which needs to be developed in collaboration with the leather chain, and during the CICB Sustainability Forum we will present a proposal for “Extension of Animal Traceability to Leather from NBR15006.”

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