Target markets

Meet the markets of interest for Brazilian industry

China and Hong Kong

China and Hong Kong together rank first in world leather exports. They are the main importers of Brazilian leather. Both are an immeasurable force for industrial production.


North Americans are the second largest importer of leather made in Brazil. This is a nation with high potential for consumption and creation of leather products.


It is the biggest benchmark for the global leather market, a source of inspiration and trends every season. The country is the third largest importer of Brazilian leather.


The diversification of producing countries in Asia has made Vietnam one of the world's main leather importers. It is in fourth place in the ranking of the largest leather buyers from Brazil.


With a population of nearly 1.4 billion people, India has a considerable footwear production, destined to the domestic and international markets.


The movement towards diversification of countries in industrial production in Asia has placed Thailand in the focus of leather supply. Fairs and trade missions have been directed to this country.


With significant production of automobiles, footwear and furniture, Mexico is a country suitable for supplying high-quality leather, as Brazil produces.

Photos credit: Pexels.com

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