In Mexico, Brazilian leather sees opportunities after the Anpic fair

Brazilian leather showcased at the ANPIC fair in León, Mexico

Leather from Brazil was at the ANPIC fair, in León, Mexico, between the 25th and 27th of October. Six national tanneries had individual stands, with the support of the Brazilian Leather project, a partnership between the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil). There is the prospect of future business worth US$5.8 million after the fair.

The event was attended by the manager of Brazilian Leather, Clara Santos, and shared perspectives, contacts and opportunities for the local market for the production of footwear, furniture and automotive coverings, as highlighted by Rogério Cunha, from CICB's Commercial Intelligence. “It was the third consecutive year of Brazilian Leather's participation in ANPIC, and we see the evolution of recognition of Brazilian leather. It is a construction that we have carried out in a market that is growing and with a positive trend due to the movement towards decentralization of production centers in the world”, says the executive, who highlights the importance of exports from Mexico to the United States.

Ana María Carpio Mendonza, executive president of APIMEX (organizer of the fair), reinforces the opportunities for nearshoring (production closer to the consumption zone) on Mexican soil and bringing Brazil closer to this market through ANPIC. “Brazilian tanneries play an important role in the fair and are always highly anticipated here. In this 62nd edition of ANPIC, we had 854 exhibitors and numbers across the chain that are already close to the 2019 edition, pre-pandemic”, she states.

At ANPIC, Brazilian Leather had its own stand, with visits from representatives of large international industries established on Mexican soil. Now, the group heads to a commercial mission in the country.

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